The Basics of Unity

If you are brand new to Unity, or if you want to make sure you’ve covered the basics, and if you want to learn how to write your first C# script.

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Mark Brown

How I Learned Unity Without Following Tutorials

This whole game making challenge… well, it almost ended before it ever really began. Let me tell you what happened…

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Game Development Algorithms

How Pathfinding AI works in Video Games

A pathfinding algorithm is a way for a game to calculate the shortest possible path to reach a particular point on the map. Here are some of the most commonly used pathfinding algorithms, and a look at how A* works.

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Virtual Reality

The Origins of Virtual Reality

Virtual reality has come a long way from it’s beginning as a clumsy medium, to a properly robust system. It’s no longer just a gimmicky feature, but rather, as seen by its history, a testament to mankind’s persistence.

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Game Development Basics

Game Creation Basics

If you are just getting started with game programming, there are some basics things you need to keep in mind when creating your video game. Let’s go over the basics of creating a game and a few tips you’ll want to keep in mind.

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Artificial Intelligence and White Rose

Designing Realistic Video & Game Imagery with Artificial Intelligence

Magic Pony technology uses machine learning to enable computers and smartphones to model visual information just like the human brain does.

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Virtual 3d World

4 Etiquette Tips To Remember In A 3D Virtual World

It is important to fully understand the proper virtual world etiquette before you actually start playing an online virtual game. These four etiquette tips will help you to have a basic understanding of proper virtual world etiquette.

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Woman Game Programmer

Intel Backs Gender Diversity in Gaming Industry

Even though 48 percent of game players are women, only 22 percent are into game development. Intel and others want to change that.

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Retro Video Games

The Inside Scoop: What’s New in the Retro Game Development Community?

Retro is not dead yet. The fans of retro games are still looking out for this tiny fraction of the gaming community.

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Video Game Careers

Gamer or Game Developer?

You might want to get into developing games by getting a degree in video games – something you probably never knew you could do!

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